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Post subject: Iron Maidens

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:38 am

Just FYI, I don't see any indication that they receive a buff when one dies like someone kept saying last night when they were low. It's only at 20%. There was no reason that I can see that we should have slowed dps on the one that was at like 1%. Just something to keep in mind for heroic, once we get there.

From the Icy Veins guide:

Instead of this, the bosses should all be damaged simultaneously, so that they all reach 20% around the same time. Then, when they are at 20%, you can use all DPS cooldowns to finish them off quickly, and all healing cooldowns to survive this intense period of the fight. At this time, you can kill off the most problematic boss first, and this will probably be Marak the Blooded, in order to get rid of the AoE damage that her Sanguine Strikes Icon Sanguine Strikes causes.

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