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Post subject: Myrnak, Rogue

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:52 pm

Valence Recruitment

Player Information:
Character Name: Myrnak
Preferred Spec: I enjoy all three specs, though combat is probably my favorite.
Age: 23
Location: NC
Occupation: Software Engineer

I\'ve been playing WoW since day one, off and on at various points but always raiding competitively when I do play. Rogue has always been my character of choice. In the current tier, I\'m 7/7h 1/7m with 30+ attempts on Ogron in various guilds, some getting to 20% or so. 665 ilvl. My availability is essentially anything during the week, though my weekends are generally off-limits. The raid times your guild uses are perfect for me! I don\'t really have a current situation in which I\'m leaving, I\'m simply looking for a solid guild that fits my needs as I am having difficulties finding one on Thrall: -Raid 3 weeknights -No later than 1am -Is serious about mythic content but isn\'t raiding 24 hours a day. Aka, have real lives and want to have fun while playing but also serious. -Are cool people who value the social experience as well as the raiding experience. On the forums you guys said you\'re recruiting 1 melee though on your site it says you\'re not, but I thought I\'d give it a shot either way. Thanks for your time! Myrnak

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